Supper Alladin World


– Type: Adventure

– The company name: Amobear Studio

– Price: Download Alladin the game for free

– System requirements: Nothing special

As part of the development on Android Community from Vietnam, with production-oriented and create games and utility applications attractive and best for users, far Amobear Studio has produced many applications application and mobile game or. Graphics platform that Amobear Studio using the 2D and 3D. Applications such as watching TV online, watch football online is also investing in production.

Alladin game is one of the successful game of Amobear Studio with 500,000 downloads from Google Play Store. Currently the company is planning to create a version for Windows Phone market and iOS devices.

The game was designed and inspired by characters from the legend of handsome guy Alladin and love with Princess Jasmine. She had been kidnapped Mustafa old witch and that’s your job control this guy to find and rescue her from captivity witch.

Like other adventure games, you will have the keys to control the character on either side of the screen, the left are two keys left and right, the right is the key to jump and throw knives. You’ll be able to jump higher and farther if two consecutive press jump button.

On the way of Alladin, he will face a lot of danger lurking. There will be street bandit with knife in hand, the name hiding in wooden barrels or other birds and a knife damage. All just to prevent to Alladin brave step.

The thief in the game Alladin also quite intelligent when they can find a way to attack him. It would be very dangerous if you let them attack Alladin been continuously, which can lead to death of him and you will have to play again.

Especially with the more strange in this Alladin version, he will not use that will make use of their skills pilot knife. So you can stand at a remote distance and still destroy the enemy.

Graphics in the game are quite eye-catching, with his pretty face Alladin is funny and fun, the bandits and the birds of the enemy is also designed in a way to cause laughter humor for players. The sound is very epic songs, to add strength to destroy his enemies Alladin go and rescue his girlfriend.

Let’s wait for the update 2.0 of the game Alladin, with the new adventures of this brave guy.

Link download Google play:

Link download IOS:

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