Spring trip at the beginning of the year

Tet comes, spring is an opportunity for everyone to reunite, gather together, rest to start a new working year, also an ideal time to travel to spring.

For a long time, in addition to the rituals to see off the old year and celebrate the new year, it can be said that spring travel is a custom and an indispensable habit every spring.

On the occasion of the new year spring, some people choose to travel to distant lands; Some people go to the temple to visit the temple, ask for blessings at the beginning of the year, there are also people who just go to the houses of relatives, aunts and uncles, friends to visit and wish New Year. No need to go to noisy and bustling places, spring travel is simply going out of the house to enjoy the warm spring atmosphere, watching everything bloom and multiply.

A destination that has both beautiful scenery and a spiritual place to travel to pray for good luck at the beginning of the year, Ninh Binh is a place not to be missed. Ninh Binh owns a temple named Bai Dinh – the temple with the most records in Vietnam: the largest bell, the most Arhat statues, the largest pagoda, the largest Buddha statue, the largest campus. Located on a high mountain, after nearly 1,000 years of history, the ancient Bai Dinh pagoda still retains the quiet and sacredness, proving the enduring vitality of Buddhism in Vietnam.

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