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Established in 2013, after nearly 10 years of development, the Amobear ecosystem has gradually asserted its position on the technical map of Vietnam. Young, dynamic and constantly challenged, Amobear people are always ready to innovate to fulfill the mission of “Creating new technology products. For a better life.” Amobear Technology Group provides products and services on mobile devices, divided into two business groups: Mobile Game & Apps and two satellite companies, Android Vietnam and Diavostar. Besides developing services and products, developing talent and building a strong, dynamic team is also one of our main missions.

Every day, millions of users worldwide are entertaining and using Amobear products, which fully demonstrates how Amobear creates value for society.

Success is best when it’s shared.

Android Vietnam JSC. CEO – Tuan Nguyen

“Technology is a part of our daily lives, living in a digital environment where the products we build are game software and applications that serve the needs of millions of demanding users globally. Ask each individual in the Amobear house to have a great desire, a desire to change themselves, a desire to create great games and apps that leave a mark in the hearts of users.

I believe that every individual in the Amobear family is given the opportunity to make their lives better through the technology and leading products they create.People are the most valuable asset of an organization.

At Amobear, we challenge and continuously select and train suitable individuals so they can fully utilize their skills and perform well. work and ensure the success of the team and the company. Amobear’s employees are evaluated based on their abilities and contributions regardless of seniority, culture or gender. In which each individual’s morality is always the most important factor. Work always has challenges, although sometimes there are differences in thinking, the goal that an individual or team is aiming for must always be work results associated with business efficiency.”


We aspire to develop a 2D/3D game publishing and mobile apps with rapid growth and a commitment to offering high-quality products to our users.



Connect people through Games & Apps to build a smarter world and create more enjoyable experiences.

Core values


Gratitude is the foundation of all thinking, communication, and action in work and life. A grateful attitude helps everyone delve deeper into life, bringing many joys and love. Build a team, a happy company, and create many beautiful values from it.


Completely immersed in the present, not bound by the past or the future. Concentrate, be aware of your emotions, and be aware of what is happening around you.


Is the uprightness, honesty, not deceitful in actions and words that cause harm to others and to oneself.


  • Be willing to try new methods, accept failure, and move on.
  •  Always “Say YES”, act decisively and -believe that challenging goals will be achieved.
  • Constantly learning and self-improvement.
  • Make a statement, commit, and do your best.

Root of the problem

This is a stance where you choose 100% of the root cause of the problem to be yours, 0% to be someone else’s, and 0% to be environmental.


As a collective with common ideals, visions and goals, they have created a caring community that is willing to support each other.

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