10 years: One mark, One journey

Ten years for a person’s life is short, but for a company, it is a very long way to survive and develop.

Every meeting is a fate. Being accompanied by teammates who have been with us since the early days of its establishment is the “fate” that Amobear especially appreciates.
This October, when Amobear celebrates its 10th anniversary of establishment, it is also the time to mark 10 years of commitment for those special members.

Ten years ago, on October 22nd, we embarked on a new adventure, laying the first foundation for today’s Amobear.

The ten year journey is full of challenges and challenges. With the enthusiasm and unwavering determination of its employees, Amobear has made a huge transformation.

Still remember the day the company was founded with only a few people and very limited resources. Starting from then until today, the company has gone through a long journey and development. Many years ago, we started with a million dreams, hopes, immense enthusiasm and today, as we celebrate another year of Amobear’s birth, nothing has changed, except that we We have turned our dreams into reality and have new dreams now.

Today, we are here to recognize the achievements so far in 2023. Hopefully in the coming time, we will continue to make more efforts to achieve short-term, medium-term and long-term goals, bringing satisfaction to millions of users around the world.

Team application

Team game

“Boy” of Amobear

The team wins the teambuilding game

After 10 years of construction and development in the market, we have the right to be proud of gradually asserting Amobear’s name and brand in the market. This success is thanks to the significant contribution of energy and intelligence from the employees – the people who have been contributing to building this common home. Those contributions will always be remembered, preserved, appreciated and promoted.

Remember the first time the company first started operations and the difficulties it encountered. Along with that, there are new and increasingly complex challenges that require the entire Board of Directors and employees to actively learn and continuously improve themselves to develop. In the meantime, business scale and operations still face many difficulties. However, from a very new name, we have become a famous brand in the market.

With the development momentum of the company, we will definitely face more challenges on our future development path. However, we always believe that with existing determination and unity, the Ambear team will lay a solid foundation for creating new milestones and conquering business achievements.

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