Year end party 2023

In addition to busy work at the end of the year and plans to shop and clean the house to prepare for Tet, everyone is planning to attend parties with friends, family and companies.

The idea of organizing a year-end party comes from the need to make sure that after a year of work, everyone can comfortably share with each other, not simply go out to eat a delicious meal at a luxury restaurant. And the organizing committee of Amobear’s Year end party this year was successful in receiving many smiles as well as lingering emotions from all the guests.

Not simply meeting, eating, and reviewing the year’s achievements, the 2023 year-end party organized with a unique idea also makes many Amobear-ers feel excited and proud of the company culture. Young and creative, I can integrate.

After a year of positive and enthusiastic work, the Year End Party is an opportunity for all of us to sit back and look back at what we have done and what we have not done during the past year. With monumental and careful investment in both images and content, Year End’s Party 2023 is definitely an event not to be missed for Amobear-ers at the end of the year with explosive performances:

  • Summarizing a brilliant year with friends and colleagues
  • Amobear’s Got Talent contest.
  • Awarding outstanding individuals.
  • The musical performances and minigames are full of surprises.

With the theme “We are one”, the 2023 Amobear’ Got talent competition emphasizes solidarity and unanimity towards the company’s common goals – the same strength that helps the entire family. House A is steadily moving forward to today.

Six Guys”, Out of Breath Still Playing”, “Man Nhi”, the 3 names of the three teams mentioned above have made people wait every minute.

The first live stage of the Six Guys team made the audience laugh out loud with the top investment in costumes, acting as well as professional performance style with the work “Cocoon for Bloom”. The whole auditorium was completely conquered and surprised by the elaborate and carefully invested performance.

Team “Six Guys”


The 4 members of the Out of Breath team Still Play continued their fire with the performance “Debut”, bringing the young men and women back to the pressure of family, the stress of debuting to Duy’s lover – a kind but somewhat shy guy. stupid. The story takes place at Duy’s girlfriend Hue’s house, when her family is waiting for Duy to arrive.

Team “Hết Hơi Vẫn Chơi”


And finally, Man Nhi team shined extremely brightly in the song “Our Youth”.

Team “Mẫn Nhi”


In addition to impressive performances, proud moments of awards for Outstanding Players, Promising Individuals, Diligent Individuals, Outstanding Individuals, Cultural Building Individuals… are the recognitions from the company’s side for the wholehearted contributions of the Amobear family’s warriors. Hope you will always strive & have a greater ambition to achieve the higher goals assigned by the board of directors in 2024.

“The year 2023 has ended, a year of many difficulties and challenges, a year with complicated developments in the global political and economic situation. It is also a year of many opportunities for businesses, clearly demonstrating their bravery and appropriate business strategies – in the face of market fluctuations to have breakthrough achievements.

Sincere thanks to all of our brothers who have always accompanied us even in the most difficult times so that Amobear has achieved achievements on its 10-year development journey.”, Mr. Nguyen Tuan – Company Director speaking at the party

Another year is gradually ending.

Let’s cherish every memorable moment of 2023 and enter a new and happy new year 2024. Sending Happy New Year to everyone! Thank you for accompanying Amobear through all the difficulties in the past year.

Wishing you and your family always joy, happiness, prosperity, hundreds of things like your wishes, everything like your dreams.

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