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Have a clear and detailed career path, guiding your career development throughout your time working with the company. Helps you identify career goals, define specific steps to achieve those goals, and develop the skills needed to advance your career.

Reward KPIs based on specific, fair, and reasonable job positions. Regularly monitor and evaluate to ensure transparency, and successful KPI recipients will receive corresponding rewards. If your product is effective and you receive KPIs based on your role, you will receive rewards throughout the entire lifecycle of the product until you stop working in the company.

With the innovative thinking and formulas of artificial intelligence, Amobear has always been striving to continuously develop and improve itself in many aspects, including workflow, add update evaluate interaction, to quickly apply to the entire team and products.

Google's open mindedness also applies to Amobear, encouraging people to express their opinions, share ideas, and even constructively challenge each other's ideas. This helps with creativity, innovation, and the creation of excellent products and projects. Ambear's mindset not only contributes to creativity and innovation, but also creates a positive work environment that encourages employees' learning and personal development.

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