In the information technology industry, we know that there are always invisible barriers for women. But let’s look at the facts: women are not only engaged, they are creating powerful change. Barriers are sometimes like lipsticks – embellishing their success even more brilliantly. Descendants of Ba Trung – Ba Trieu have lost to anyone!? Which is easily subdued by obstacles.

On the 9-year journey of establishment and development of Amobear, it is impossible not to mention the contribution of those beautiful roses, the women who always have in themselves the fire of enthusiasm and passion.October 20 took place at the company’s office with the presence of gifts bearing the imprint of house A, along with a light party arranged and decorated by the men themselves have a memorable day.

On the occasion of October 20, Amobear would like to wish all Vietnamese women, whether they choose to stay at home to take care of their families, or are struggling at work, always keep the fire of passion and love in their hearts. 

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